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Clothing and styling tips

If you are getting tired of your old clothes and you are looking for an affordable way to upgrade your wardrobe then we have the best clothing hacks for you. In this video, we show you how to repurpose any clothing items from your wardrobe into something completely new and fresh. This way you can change your style without spending a penny.

-We show you an awesome way to turn your baggy trousers into an off-shoulder dress that you can wear for dinner or a fabulous night out.

- If you like the color of your old hoodie but you are tired of wearing it. We demonstrate a step-by-step way to turn it into a skirt. You can then wear it casually when you go for a walk or during the summer.

- If you are looking for a beautiful cropped top t-shirt look no further than your own closet. Take an old t-shirt you are no longer wearing and cut it from the middle, but leave the button stripe attached to it as we show you in the video. Then wear it and use that long stripe to tie it together as a t-shirt crop top. This one is ideal to wear during the summer for a refreshing fashionable look.

- We also show you how to turn a plain sleeveless shirt into a backless evening shirt. You place your shirt on your working area and you cut the stripes off. Then, you attach the two stripes together and Voila. We also show you how to turn a sleeveless shirt into a beautiful romantic blouse using a stripe of lace. You simply cut the stripes off and you sew a long lace stripe all around the top of the shirt. With this sewing tutorial, you will turn a plain shirt into an off-shoulder blouse you can wear during your afternoon walk.

- You can also transfer any piece of artwork or drawing on your plain white t-shirts to give them some color. You can do that by printing your design on a piece of printing paper and then you cover it with some cling film on both sides. Then, you place it on your shirt and you add some greaseproof paper and you iron it with your clothing iron. The iron will melt the cling film and attach your design on your shirt.

Watch our whole video to discover many more amazing sewing hacks you can try. For example, how to turn a shirt into a cute thick bathroom rug or a wall tapestry or even how to turn your t-shirt into a bag. Watch until the end to discover how to turn your high heels into high thigh boots.
1:23 - Turn your jeans into a skirt
2:36 - DIY beautiful dress
3:17 - Awesome lace blouse
6:08 - Awesome stripped rock shirt DIY
7:36 - How to transfer a drawing on your shirt
8:16 - DIY bathroom rug
11:57 - DIY high thigh boots
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