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How To: Clamp your amplifier for true wattage

thegreatestpenn 7 Mar 2011 27.646 views
Title How To: Clamp your amplifier for true wattage
Uploader thegreatestpenn
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Hey world thanks for stopping by. Today I have a video showing how to clamp your amplifier for power output. You will need a clamp style multimeter (i used 2 different ones to make things easier) and the equation is Amps AC x Volts AC = wattage. You can also find impedence by doing Volts AC / Amps AC = Ohms so you can calculate rise. The Amps are found by clamping ALL + SPEAKER LEADS and the Volts is found by putting positive and negative meter leads on the speaker positive and negative. I used a 40 Hz test tone for this, but you can do this with music as well. Any questions or comments post them!
edit: DO NOT MULTIPLY AC VOLTAGE NO MATTER HOW MANY SPEAKERS ARE WIRED IN. after feedback i have been heard that is not correct.
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How To: Clamp your amplifier for true wattage - written by thegreatestpenn , durations 3.12, . And has 27.646 views
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